Our Story

Nexxo is a member of the Nexxo Network, an international network of fintech and financial services providers servicing SMEs worldwide.

We help SME (Small and Mid-sized Enterprise) owners and operators grow their businesses through a network of high-quality, low cost, secure and easy to use financial solutions.
We are a team of highly talented professionals with 200+ years of experience in banking, technology, security, legal, compliance, and financial services. We work around the clock to deliver the best financial solutions customized for your small business needs.

Our Mission

We leverage the community to empower small and midsized enterprise (SME) owners and operators to access commercial bank-grade financial services that better their lives and the lives of their employees, customers, and suppliers. Most importantly, we surround SMEs with financial services that have a positive impact on their communities.

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Gunnar Skoog

Co-founder & CEO

Join our Awesome Team

”Secret to our Success”

”All our employees are unique individuals who united to drive together towards our mission.”

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Maria Albofera​

Office Manager​

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Sergei Malkov

Head of Implementation Services​

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Fazal e Abbas Najmi​

Head of Technology​

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Omar Deen

Head of Compliance

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Abdus Samee Lunje​

Product Innovation Manager

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Manish Talwar

Head of Automation

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Raghavan Krishnan

Head of Community Engagement

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Abdullah Azzam

Finance Manager

Our Workspaces

United Arab Emirates

403 REEF Tower, Cluster O, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai